4 Creative Themes for Inspired Event Ideas

No joke, a boring gathering is a reason to stop the party! Below are the most unique ideas for cocktail parties and lunch meetings, but make sure you use a catering calculator for the mouths you’re feeding. Dinner parties are a great way to reconnect and we believe there’s no better time for one than right now, so call your friends over and serve whatever you like, choosing one from our party themes, we’ve got some great though-starters.

Entertaining is all about tasty food and a Pin-worthy theme, so a good par-DIY with creative decor ideas will keep your guests coming back for more. Selecting the right theme is crucial and sets the stage, communicating to guests a sense of what to expect and even what they might wear, so make sure you spend time choosing a unique theme for your attendees’ Instagram posts. Get sophisticated or offbeat, but whichever you choose, make sure your next gathering has something extra special.

Anytime is a great time to celebrate, and we’ve got some unique themes, so check out all the fun party ideas below. Food is the best motivator for a corporate event, as unique catering ideas can offer a personal experience between people, along with the nutritional aspect.

1. Taco Bar
Everyone loves an authentic Mexican taco so take inspiration from here and impress your guests by grilling up some fajita veggies, to go along the cold Cervezas.

2. Grilled cheese
When planning food catering, don’t worry about sticking to three square meals between meetings or workshops, as this is a great time to offer small snacks such as trail mix, a soft pretzel bar and grilled cheese spears, a fun version of a satisfying snack.

3. Barbeque
Keep things simple, because for a great party you simply need to focus on the table décor to enhance the outdoor celebration and make picnic tables look festive. Pick a theme to make you stand out, which can be tailored to a specific holiday or location, but make sure you are creative and don’t jumpstart your planning. Add atmosphere with tiki torches, votive candles or citronella candles to ward off bugs, or decorate with American flags or Hawaiian leis. A backyard barbeque is perfect for a special party, so here are some tips to help you make sure it goes off without a hitch. The old-fashioned BBQ theme is an American classic, but Hawaiian Luau BBQ, Beach Barbeque or Backyard Burger Barbeque are some other ideas, so have digital invitations made and send them out for the big event, using the BBQ party theme in the design, as well as location and date.

4. Atypical Experience
There is nothing wrong with these go-to event themes, where you can add something that makes it an atypical experience, unlike anything they have seen. You can even turn the typical over to the tested event themes such as 1920s Gatsby with recognizable art deco font, a tea party with delicate china or a Hollywood one with red velvet.