Is Perth a good place for couples?!

There are endless romantic things in Perth. Forget what you heard. Paris is not the only place for newlyweds to spend their vacation. Nor are there tropical islands in the middle of the sea or on the European coast.

Romantic things to do in Perth
If you need a nice vacation a little further away from the radar, Western Australia is the place to go. Whether you’re a local and looking for something outside the “dinner” or movie area, here are 15 reasons to be romantic in Perth.

Have a picnic at Kings Park
This classic choice for appointments means a spectacular view and an invincible vacation from the hustle and bustle of the city of Perth. In the afternoon, go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Of all the romantic things you do in Perth, a picnic at Kings Park should be at the top of your list.

Go to Rottnest Island
It’s certainly a tourist hotspot, but it’s full of romantic gestures. Take in beautiful views, snorkel on an underwater adventure, or take a walk on the beach. Whether you’re staying or visiting for the first time, you’ll be relaxed, picturesque and never more romantic. Take one of the following Perth tours to make it easier to set your date or if you feel lonely and need someone to have fun with, you can choose one of the best perth asian escorts.

Couple snorkelling at The Basin, Rottnest Island.

Take a Swan River Cruise
Whether tourists or locals, sailing on the Swan River has always been one of Perth’s most romantic things. River cruises from Perth run all day, but to make your booking even more special, choose a citylight or twilight cruise. Watch the city lights flicker on the promenade, enjoy a delicious meal with a glass of wine and enjoy the evening breeze. It would be a great experience to share with your partner!

Watch the sunset at Cottesloe Beach
There are hundreds of beaches in Perth, but Cottesloe is by far the most popular. If you never visit, you may think that you have come to Perth. Ride the waves and watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean, chatting at night and eating fish and chips.

Surf the sand with lancelin
Within Nambung National Park, there is a Western Australian tradition ideal for adventurous dates. Sandsurfing at Pinnacle Desert is almost as popular as surfing in the real waves. Lancelin is good at surfing so get ready for a mini road trip!

Experience tandem skydiving
Was sandsurfing just a little adventure for you? Then don’t forget to leave town for tandem skydiving and shoot the results. It may not be the first choice of your promise, but both of you will definitely love the adrenaline rush that follows. Plus, it’s a great story to talk to your friends (and grandchildren!).

Fly a scenic helicopter
For those who think “romantic” is “breathtaking”, Perth Beach and Fremantle Eastline helicopter tours may be the best choice. Fall in love with your partner again while admiring the beautiful views of Perth and Fremantle

Visit the Penguin Isle
Who doesn’t want to see penguins in their natural habitat? Penguins Island has the largest penguin population in Western Australia and you can see these birds up close. If you don’t want to make all the plans, consider this kayak tour of Penguins and Seal Island.

Have fun in the world of adventure
If the rules are strict, you can skip it, but anyone with a heart can enjoy playing in Adventure World. Whether you’re on the waterslide or the best roller coaster, spend the day at this amusement park and find an inner child with your partner.

Look at the stars at Perth Observatory
Is there anything more romantic than a night staring at the stars? At the Perth Observatory, where you can book nights, this is a great way to learn a little about the universe and give your eyes a little shine. If you really want to be impressed, they also have the option to buy you your own star, and how cool is it?

Swan Valley Tour
Just outside the city boundaries, in the direction of Swan Valley, there are plenty of sophisticated and sacred wineries that will definitely benefit from mature elegance ideas. On special occasions, get out of busy Perth and sample locally made wines, cheeses and chocolates.